Manchester United – newcastle : where to watch live TV

Old Trafford smells of history; a legend in the European Cup; to power and wealth; to the Busby babes, that tragedy that will always accompany the United of Matt Busby in 58, precisely the year in which Sevilla played its only quarterfinals of the European Cup; to Bobby Charlton and George Best; to beer and smoke; to soccer. Sevilla will jump to one of the world soccer cribs to find one of the greatest achievements of its profitable continental history. Not the most important, because touching silver is not comparable to anything, but it would put the accent even more on that team from southern Europe that fights with the will of a colossus against the true giants of the sport of the ball.

But the big Sevilla is not now. Pepillo, Ruiz Sosa, Juan Arza, Busto or Pahuet were already legends. A Sevilla that was able to eliminate Benfica, but he met the then double champion of Europa Real Madrid, with Di Stéfanoal level that today would be compared with the current Gold balls, at least.

It will be the fourth time that Sevilla tries to overcome the insufferable barrier of the round of 16. Long ago that history in the European Cup in which Sevilla was measured at Real Madrid in black and white. It only remains in the memory of those who can still remember and relate it. He has to stop being Cinderella in the Champions League, after being crowned king up to five times in the Europa League, and take that jump that the entity lacks. A step so important, sometimes exasperating, and today very exciting, because this time is not favorite, but as the aspirant who fears nothing to lose.

One of the greatest ogres of the benches awaits you. Mourinho has been seen in all colors in Europe. He prefers to keep quiet with his United, which everyone criticizes and few consider for the title. Step by Step. Almost without disheveled, while it is solving the problems that entails training a star costume of the instagram in front of the ball. It has strengthened behind the unstoppable City of Guardiola and now wants to make pupa in the Champions League.

He has played a stumbling block that he does not like, due to the skill of Sevilla in double-match dueling, although he has the tie where he wants. A victory in his theater is enough to get between the eight best. A goal is life such and how the duel has been put. Although the first thing is not to leave intimidated and show that warrior soul that accompanies Sevilla in Europe. Or the known Sevillas, because this season is so indecipherable and unpredictable.

The low one of Navas
Of course, the Sevilla that jumps to Old Trafford will be lame. Montella has lost that inexhaustible motorcito in the right side. Jesus Navas fell and Nervión have returned the most stark doubts, towards the team and the project itself. Montellaha tested with Escudero on the right. It is an option. He already played with Schalkeahí and is not afraid to do it.

The day and time arrive. The sevillistas will jump to that theater of the dreams looking at the face to that opportunity that the destiny has given them. The entity will not step on Champions territory next year. They do not want to wake up from that dream that only champions live. The story is rewritten. The cuttlefish has already passed. The Seville, immaculate white, seeks to make history in capital letters.